Cane Botanical Rum



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Cane Botanical Rum is an innovative hand-crafted hybrid spirit. It is made from cane sugar and column distilled, then aged in toasted French limousine barrels. The maceration and redistillation process infuses the rum with zesty herbs, citrus peels, barks, and spices.

This creates a unique rum that is extraordinarily structured, complex, and well-rounded. Cane Botanical Rum can be enjoyed on its own or mixed into cocktails for a refreshingly noteworthy experience.

Nose: The nose is dominated by a generous bouquet of 14 world-sourced botanicals that transition into underlying notes of aromatic bitters, citrus, and oak notes.
Palate: The inviting aromas of the nose are beautifully intensified on the palate. Complex, lush, and refreshing.

This botanical rum is a perfect balance of structure and harmony from start to finish. Undeniably delicious! THIS RUM HAS SOUL!

Distilled and Bottled in Indianapolis, Indiana

Dark Rum | 40% ABV | 750mL | USA

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