Droptine 12 Point Bourbon

100% of 100

Double Barreled 

12 Point Bourbon is a Straight Bourbon initially aged just under three years, in new charred oak barrels in America’s Heartland. We then finish our bourbon in the finest hand-picked brandy casks. This double barrel effect gives 12 Point a unique and delicious flavor.

Tasting Notes

Color: an orange-tinged hue Nose: sweet floral like aroma full of rich molasses, vanilla, plum, and light syrup soaked raisins Taste: toasted oak forward that brings molasses, honey and hints of darker fruits 


BreakingBourbon says: “It’s a nice reminder that when done right, barrel finished bourbons bring something to the table that you can’t quite get from a regular bourbon aging process.” 

Reviews & Awards

92 Points Wine Enthusiast Magazine, July 2019 

“This Bourbon was finished in brandy barrels. The end result is an orange-tinged hue and a drying, oaky palate that shows hints of creamy honey, coconut and almond butter. The finish boasts perky allspice and clove." 

Bottling: Hand Bottled 6-Bottle  
Mash Bill: 74% Corn, 21% Rye, 5% Malted Barley 

Every bottle of 12 Point reflects Droptine’s unrivaled commitment to creating a spirit that is as rare and as special as a 12 Point Droptine Deer, reflected in our unflinching responsibility to put our Bourbon in the best American Oak barrels and to finish them in America’s Finest Brandy Casks.  Sourced, crafted and aged under the watchful eye of Len and Dave Eder, these small-batches of perfection are the only whiskey worthy of the name Droptine!

Bourbon | 750ml | 46% ABV | USA

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