Droptine Moonshine


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"Droptine Moonshine was named one of the Top Five Drinks to Pair with Venison by Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine"


Droptine Persimmon & Apple Moonshine is essentially the fall harvest in a bottle. In the true spirit of the original moonshiners we distill American corn into grain neutral spirits, add Whiskey and mix them. We then take this blended corn spirit and infuse it with organic persimmon and real apples. Finally, we add a touch of cinnamon and a few other secret spices, the end product is the world's most delicious moonshine. It’s bottled at 50 proof (25% abv). When you taste it, the flavors of persimmon and apple perfectly balance the corn whiskey. We recommend drinking it on the rocks, but it can also be enjoyed warm.

about Persimmons: If you havent heard or or tried Pesimmons...its beautiful and delicate with its blaze orange appearance. The Ancient Greeks referred to as the "Fruit of the Gods". Follow deer long enough and you'll find they'll pass up other foods to get a taste of a persimmon. We took the endorsement of these picky herbivores because persimmons are simply unique and taste amazing.


"A truly unique and delicious flavor."

The honeyed texture of  persimmon is  perfectly balanced  with the crispness of apples.  Infused into  a blend of our corn whisky and vodka,  this delicious spirit is rounded out with notes of vanilla and cinnamon. 

Droptine Moonshine is great straight up...warm or on the rocks, but it is also the base for some amazing cocktails. Try pairing it with Ginger, Black Pepper,  Citrus, Pear, or kumquat.

Moonshine | 750ml | 25% ABV | USA


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