GIN'CA Berries Edition Gin



GIN'CA Berries Edition

The Inca Distillery presents Gin'ca Berries an extraordinary creation that enriches the world of gin with its perfect combination of wild Macedonian juniper and carefully selected Peruvian red fruits grown by small local farmers.

Our gin includes blueberries farmed in Lambayeque, raspberries from Caraz and blackberries from Ancash. As all premium products from The Inca Distillery, Gin'ca Berries is distilled from high quality sugarcane alcohol. This gin is a delicate spirit, free of flavor enhancers or artificial coloring.

Its bouquet is fruity, refreshing and pleasantly sweet. We attribute the incredible freshness and delicacy of the high-quality spirit to the top quality ingredients we procure.

A carefully crafted and passionate manufacturing process, using only the best, guarantees the consistently high quality of this Ultra-Premium Gin. Gin'ca Berries Edition is a real treat for bartenders and gin lovers alike.

Flavored Gin | 750ml | 40% ABV | Peru

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