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Lejana y Sola is an ensamble of Espadin and the rare, wild Cuishe Agave that grows in the mountainside hills of Oaxaca. Striking a beautiful balance of light smoke and sweet agave fruit, the mezcal is at once earthy, spicy and subtly musky with a lingering finish.

Lejana y Sola is distilled in the small family owned palenque Tierra de Tradiciones located in a rustic, beautiful mountainous area, two hours from Oaxaca City called Lachilá. Crafted using the ancient artisanal method with no electricity, the Espadin and Cuishe agaves are roasted over oak in a stone-lined fire pit, crushed by a horse drawn tahona, fermented in wooden tanks and double distilled in a copper alambique - a truly medieval technology.

Lejana Y Sola translates to Afar and Alone. Inspired by a line from a famous poem by Andalusian poet Federico Lorca called Il Canción del Jinete (The Horseman's Song) about a lone horseman who rides toward Cordoba knowing that he will expire before he reaches the city. We all struggle through life knowing that eventually we will fall off the horse and die, but a great mezcal helps us focus on the present and enjoy life.

The wild agaves of Mexico like Cuishe are from a different world and the flavors are unlike anything: amazing, organic, earthy, deep and surprising. They give mezcal a mystique that is well-deserved. There are more than 50 wild agaves used in mezcals and we chose Cuishe for its indescribable aromas and flavors. Blending the untamed Cuishe with the more mild mannered Espadin makes Lejana Y Sola a pleasure to sip and savor.

Very faint smoke in perfect balance with the inviting sweet agave character. Intriguing notes of spices, earth and musk. The Cuishe agave adds mysterious flavor notes with no easy comparison. Very drinkable and smooth with lingering flavors.

Maguey: Cuishe and Espadin
Agave: Angustifolia,Karwinskii
Grind: Tahona
Distillation: Copper
Style: Ensamble
State: Oaxaca
Town: Lachilá
ABV: 42%

Ensamble Mezcal | 42% ABV | 750ml | Mexico

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