Mexigin Dark Spiced Gin



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Artisanal Small Batch Mexigin
A first of its kind spirit in a category all its own, Mexigin is a dark spiced gin. Combining a variety of smooth notes and savory all-natural spices with just enough juniper and an elevated heat on the back end, Mexigin is the catalyst for the Gin Revolution.

Nothing artificial, just spicy and delicious gin. Mexigin has been enjoyed in cocktail recipes replacing everything from bourbon and tequila to vodka and rum and takes a traditional drink to a new level.

Mexigin is not to be confused with barrel-aged varieties. Its heat elevates traditional cocktails such as Manhattans and Margaritas with an all-natural spiced profile.

A new spirit has arrived and there is only one. Mexigin. Dark. Spiced. Gin.

• 6X Distilled Gin with Juniper
• Distillate is 100% Corn
• Peppers and Spices from regenerative and sustainable agriculture sources
• Reverse Osmosis Water
• Carbon Filtration for smoothness
• All Natural & Gluten Free

Modern Gin | 40% ABV | 750ml | USA

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