Sacrvm Mezcal Artesanal Ensamble



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A blend of Angustifolia and Karwinskii agaves. This perfect blend can be enjoyed neat or mixed. it is made with the finest angustifolia and karwinskii agaves that are personally selected by Don Apolonio Ramirez Cruz.
TASTING NOTES: Good blend in the nose of baked agave,   flowers like lemon blossom, a taste of guava leaf, in mouth, oily, strong but gentle, a little bit sweetness and citrics like orange, lime, tejocote and lemon blossom. Strong and long final in mouth(Heir to 3 generations of masters)  y Simeón Ramírez Pacheco
Region: Oaxaca
Agave maturity: 8 Years  Espadin, 12-16 Years Madrecuishe
Town: San Agustin Amatengo  (Tierra del buen Mezcal)
Cooking: oven in shallow ground using wood as a combustible for 72 hours
Grinding: in Taona pulled by oxen 
Fermentation: natural in Sabino Amarillo wood 
Distillation: double continuous distillation in copper alembic craft 
ABV :40%
DOT: Mezcal
Destilería: Shoduba-Casa Sacrvm
First we begin with cooking in a earthen ground oven using firewood as fuel, after the agave is cooked it is ground tahona style (Mill Egyptian) with animal power. The fermentation occurs naturally in a Sabino Amarillo wood tub, and is double distilled in one step inside of a copper still.

It is prepared by our Master Mezcalero Don Apolonio Ramirez Cruz in San Agustin Amatengo.

Don Apolonio Ramírez Cruz is the heir to 3 generations of Maestro Mezcalero’s coming out of the city of San Agustin Amatengo in Oaxaca, La Tierra Del Buen Mezcal. He has won numerous awards as his mezcal begins to leave Mexico and enter the competition circuit. He is a man of values, family, loyalty and hard work. He continues to work on his land everyday with his Son and Grandson doing what he loves, making the best mezcal for the world to enjoy. 
Ensamble Mezcal | 40% ABV | 750ml | Mexico
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