Viejo Indecente Mezcal - Madrecuishe


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Artisanal mezcal made from 100% agave Madrecuishe (A. karwinskii). Grown and produced in Miahuatlán, Oaxaca, from mature 14 year old Madrecuishe piñas. Cooked in a handcrafted steam oven, fermented in tanks made from Montezuma wood and double distilled in a copper alembic.

The Viejo Indecente Madrecuishe is the cream of the crop, with a crystal transparency, an unctuous texture and earthy, herbal and astringent notes, that will take you to heart of the land. Without the smokiness that masks this agave’s ancient spirit.

Mezcal Madrecuishe| 750ml | 48.4% ABV | Mexico

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